Power violence zine. Download here. This is from the blog here.

Evil Minded #5
Now sold out, but available for you via Punks Is Hippies. This issue has interviews with Sudor (Spain) Aghast (US), Assassinators (Denmark) and UBR (ex-Yugoslavia) + photos, scene reports, reviews, etc.


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Meanwhile please show your support by buying Evil MInded #6 which is just out now. It will set you back $1 + stamp in US, or $2 world. Total info & address will be found here.

Finally, Evil Minded back issues are to be read here.

Here's a CD booklet that "has articles like a fanzine", usually we try to avoid stuff that's not precisely fanzines but who cares? It's Friday // Slobodan

"hey this is the booklet to the not without a fight double cd, it has articles like a zine. // RaySS"


Some of the Flipside crew are putting out new issues through an e-zine. Check it out on their Facebook page or Flipside2010!!

More US powerpop - this issue features the Real Kids, DMZ, and the Jumpers. Back to the britpunk next week.

Download here.

2-3 years ago it was rare to find zines on the internet, now they're almost ubiquitous. Here's a zine I saw while abscent mindedly lunchbreak surfing /Slobodan

Spotted at Demo-Tapes blog:
"A zine from 1986 that featured Social Decay. Agnostic Front, N.J. Bloodlust, Straight Ahead, Braineaters, Bloddy Corpse, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Overkill, ect...14 pages of NJHC & NYHC Hardcore/Crossover/Trash..."

Click here (to go to original blog where zine can be downloaded)

Evil Minded #4
225 made 8.5" x 11" 28 pages (July 2009)
Interviews with Kriegshog (Japan), Morpheme (US/Japan) Hellkontroll (US) Botellon De Castigo (Spain) + article on zines, section on unknown and underrated demo tapes, photos, and reviews. More info at Evil Minded website.

Click on preview pages below for fullscreen +You can download Pfd from here.

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Here's a magazine from 1982. It's got something on East LA punk band THE BRAT. And cars. And local community news and lifestyle content. Whatever, anything goes. Pass me the beers please?


Original uploaded here, with a good writeup...

PUNK ROCK! The New Wave of Sound & Style: "HOW TO LOOK PUNK"
Great guide on how to dress and dance PUNK ROCK, from L.A., 1977. It has pictures of all the old L.A. punks. Belinda Carlise before the Go-Go's, Darby Crash, when he was still Bobby Pyn, and local scenester Pleasant Gehman.

Download now. Regret later.

With thanks to Michael.

Flipside #28 (1981)
This special Flipside issue was inserted into the Rodney on The Roq Vol 2 album. It has stuff on bands such as Black Flag [check out photo of Henry wR with his surf board, fucken rad!], Social Distortion, Minutemen, Red Cross, CH3, Posh Boy Records, Agent Orange, Red Rockers etc that were also on the LP.

"Be More Than A Witness" [Click to download, 14 MB]

Thanks Michael for contributing.

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