We have never sold outSpending hours on clever artAnd funny advertising quotesThat make you buy it and raise your hopesIt’s the new leather thingSMASH CRASH CRACK RING
Just as the title of Safe As Milk (SAM) was inspired by a Captain Beefheart LP,  that lyric from The Fall was to be adopted as the title of another fanzine; Crash Smash Crack Ring - itself a nice little number - - we’ll see some of that anon on ee.

"This is PIN's first English-Language issue...we'd like to get so much reaction we'd break our promise of never down' this fucking backbreaking, typewriterbreaking job of translatin' all over again! !so, very maybe, this isn't a real ONE-OFF."


4 Minute War 1
Broken Bones, Heavy Discipline, Generic, Disrupters, Revulsion.

4 minute war 3
Ripcord, Electro Hippies, Anihilated, Feed Your Head, Rhetoric, ENT, Maximum Security, Autonomy, Arrogance, articles, more


R.I.P. Andy

R.I.P. Andy

R.I.P. Dave