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I'm Jose, from Madrid, Spain. I run the tiny DIY label Afeite Al Perro ( and make two zines. HAZ (drawings zine) and a little newsletter called Manchas Y Ruido (spots and noise). I send you the four issues, maybe you are interested.

Thanks and congratulations for the amazing blog,

Issue two. Issue one in previous post.

Joys Of Noise #1
"From Catalonia"

Brilliant small zine from Barcelona raw punk anarkist city! Read it via the zine website.

Уже давно собирался выложить ссылку. Пожалуй, лучшее, что я видел в жанре коллективно составляемых зинов. Составляют, правда, не сами авторы, а команда проекта 10por15. Родом проект из Испании, родился в 2008 году. Каждый номер имеет некоторую тему в соответствии с которой и отобраны фотографии. В поздних номерах к фотографии прилагается удобная ссылка на сайт автора фотографии. Ссылки на авторов из более ранних выпусков можно найти у них же на сайте в разделе Links.

Here's another one from one of our ubiquitous readers:

i see your blog, and i send you the link for the scan of lot of diy zines of 90's spain [HERE]
cheers, UP THE PUNKS

Thanks friend.

Ruido Crudo #4 interviews LEBENDEN TOTEN as well as Saira Huff, there's a scene report from Brazil, and a lot more.


To get the paper version just get in touch via zine website here.

Luciernaga 1-7, Puas 1-3, No Kallarán La Kalle 1-3, La Libertad 1-10, Cuidado kon el CoKo 1, Dis-piche 1 (Costa Rica, 2006, 2007)

Hi my name is Erland, I play in an anarchopunk band Barrakas from San Jose, Costa Rica. I have an anarchopunk zine Luciernaga....and i have a lot of zines from the movement in here. Here are the links:

Luciernaga #1 (2006)
Luciernaga #2 (2008)
Luciernaga #3 (2008)
Luciernaga #4 (2009)
Luciernaga #5 (2009)
Luciernaga #6 (2009)
Luciernaga #7 (2010)

Hi Tonny
Here Miguel, from Spain. I send the links of three fanzines of the late 80's - early 90's. It’s possibly the best we have done in my country and I believe are the three issues that were produced in total. One of the editors was Boliche, SUBTERRANEAN KIDS drummer. Well, I hope you like and serve to your blog. Have a nice day. /Miguel. Asturias


Google Document (view & download)
Or from zine website here.
28 A5 pages with Crimen de Estado + more. Do what you must now.

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