Дебютный номер персонального зина Брейса Белдена, одного из самых злых и остроумных панк-авторов современности. Несколько лет он вел колонку в Maximum Rocknroll, но потом бросил это дело – слишком лениво стало. Сегодня Брейс работает флористом в одном из цветочных магазинов Сан-Франциско и, по последним слухам, недавно вернулся из Афганистана, где якобы отсидел в тюрьме и отлежал в психушке. Редакция Sadwave держит связь с автором и будет держать вас в курсе новостей из его насыщенной как кола сахаром жизни.

Прочесть несколько статей Брейса на русском можно в соответствующем разделе Sadwave.

Некоторые люди неоднократно говорили мне, что устали о моих пересказов колонок Джорджа Табба (которых я, к слову, давно не публиковал, но по-прежнему потихоньку перевожу). Мол, сколько можно на них зацикливаться, они нам надоели. Возразить мне нечего - на вкус и цвет известно что. Но если вам нравятся тексты Джорджа, пожалуйста, обратите внимание на этот пост. Те (немногие), кто следит за жизнью и работами Табба знают, что он - жертва 11 сентября и с тех пор вынужден проходить дорогостоящее лечение, на которое у него не хватает денег, так как по состоянию здоровья работать он не может.

"Я ПРОШУ вас о помощи, несмотря на то, что НЕНАВИЖУ делать это. Просить помощи у друзей, которые вкалывают как проклятые, чтобы выжить. Но я просто не знаю, что еще поделать. Я лишен помощи "постоянной" семьи, потеряв обоих родителей более двадцати лет назад. Я окутан тьмой", - пишет Джордж на своем сайте

Кроме того, помимо себя самого, он кормит и лечит еще двух жертв той страшной трагедии - двух своих собак Скутера и Джетта.

Usually MRR has another shitworker edit and compile all the year end top tens, as it’s a huge amount of work on top of the already heavy coordinator workload. This year the task ended up in my hands. And what a task! I would say we have about ten times the usual amount of lists this issue, some of the top tenners wrote over 3,000 words! I looked back at a few old year end top ten issues, and noticed that the same people had complained about what a shitty year in music it was every single year for the past five! Makes you wonder when the mythical “good” year in punk rock was.... Every year is a shitty year; we’re doomed! There are also a few records that made 2009 top tens as well as 2010 top tens (some records even made the same contributors lists both years!) We tried to edit out anything that came out in say, June of 2009, from the running, but it can get confusing because of the cover date of the magazine. For example we work on the issue that says February on the cover in December. Any records that are reviewed in the February issue actually came out the year before despite the cover date. The issue you are reading right now is the March issue, but most of the records reviewed in it came into the magazine in December, so again, more year end confusion to come! We also try to only cover stuff that’s reviewable in the magazine. Have you already done your year end top ten? Probably, since by the time you will be reading this it’s a few months into 2011.

This is going to be a short column, even though it’s probably one of the hardest ones I have had to write… MRR is one of the most inspiring life changing frustrating things I have been involved in. This month, at the year end shitworker meeting I gave my six month’s notice as content coordinator of this magazine. I do not intend on leaving the Bay Area, or stopping working on the magazine totally. I just realized a few months ago that I would like to come home from a days work at my crappy retail job, and not have to work for another six hours on the magazine, then do the same thing the next day and the next day. This is partially due to my own workaholic nature, I know this, which is why I am not abandoning ship totally. I just want a break. I intend on continuing to write for this rag—that includes coming up with content, (you should do this too! Interview your favorite band and send it in!)—and of course to continue on with the epic work that goes on behind the scenes. Most of you will have no clue how much effort goes into this thing you hold in your hands, every month, year after year, over one hundred shitworkers and three coordinators all working for free.

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This month I have nothing to say! Really, nothing. I’ve spent about ten hours staring at this fake piece of paper on my computer screen thinking about the extent to which I have nothing of value to impart to the readership of MRR this month. I am eating green beans and listening to X-Ray Spex. My boss cut my hours in half, which is making my financial future fragile. Other things of note that are withering into nothin’ in my numbskull include… a general excitement about the Olympia hardcore scene after witnessing both Outlook and Weird TV destroy it in the Bay Area this month. I already touched on the majesty of Weird TV on tape (you can read all about that at my online column archive but seeing them live??? Definitely one of the best live bands so far this year, and I wait with bated breath for their record, which will be released on the faultless Perennial records, out of Olympia too. I would advise buying everything Perennial put out. So far, it has all been essential…

New issue is izzity-out! Featuring THE WELDERS (St Louis teenage girl punk from 1975!) RAI KO RIS from Nepal, ESKAPO in the Philippines, Serbia's HITMAN, Tesco Vee on the Touch & Go fanzine book, DOLLY MIXTURE (!!), Australia's STRAIGHT ARROWS, Celebrated Summer Record store, and Venezuela and Olympia, WA scene reports. Whew!

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