Power violence zine. Download here. This is from the blog here.

Monkeybite was a power violence/grind fanzine published in the late 1990's by Andrew O. (Admiral Andrew) and Gary (Super Urine Monkey). It lasted 3 issues, here is the breakdown of the issues:

Issue #1 was 1000 copies.
Issue #2 was 2000 copies and came with a Black Army Jacket/Noothgrush split 7"
Issue #3 was 2000 copies and came with a Benumb/Suppression split flexi 7"

All sold out during their original run.

Presented here is issue #1 from 1997 and was scanned by the editor (BrainScan) and edits by Nagus. #2 and #3 will be uploaded as they are scanned.

Monkeybite Fanzine #1 (1997)

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