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First off, thanks for all the attention everybody has given the site this past week. The first two issues of Combat Stance were downloaded at a quick clip, faster than most of the other zines when they were first posted. Like I said, I'll only be able to post on the weekends, so there should be posts for a good long time.

I was right in saying CS was published into 1989. (Memory is starting to come back!). These last two issues caused a big stir. The interviews with Slapshot and Roger of Agnostic Front are really well done. All in all, Phil and Tom put out a winner here and accomplished their goal, calling out the hardcore scene on their shit.

Here's number 3 and 4 of Combat Stance...

Combat Stance 3

Combat Stance 4

2-3 years ago it was rare to find zines on the internet, now they're almost ubiquitous. Here's a zine I saw while abscent mindedly lunchbreak surfing /Slobodan

Spotted at Demo-Tapes blog:
"A zine from 1986 that featured Social Decay. Agnostic Front, N.J. Bloodlust, Straight Ahead, Braineaters, Bloddy Corpse, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Overkill, ect...14 pages of NJHC & NYHC Hardcore/Crossover/Trash..."

Click here (to go to original blog where zine can be downloaded)

Stephen Perry of has been posting issues of Full Contact magazine. Full Contact magazine was published by Rod Orchard in Canada throughout the late 1990's/early 2000's. These are very well done and worth checking out. While you are on Equalizing Distort, please check out Stephen's radio show and 'zine!

Full Contact #1

Full Contact #2

Full Contact #4

Full Contact #5

Full Contact #7

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