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Puker Nation zine issues 1-4:
Issue 1 (September 2010) - Lunachicks, 50 Other Ways To Play Century Club, D.I.Y Stencil Time, Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Read online here)

Issue 2 (October 2010) -Semi Precious Weapons, Mofo the Muffin, Crybaby, Top 10 Things That Irk Me. (Read online here).

Issue 3 (November 2010) - The Germs, Troll 2, The In-My-Pants Game, Big Bliss - A Rant. (read it here yeh).

Issue 4 (December 2010) - The New York Issue! The Cramps, Paris Is Burning, I Hate N.Y Shirts, Getting Lost in Soho, Where To Go, Mofo the Muffin. (read as loud as you can here man)

This month I have nothing to say! Really, nothing. I’ve spent about ten hours staring at this fake piece of paper on my computer screen thinking about the extent to which I have nothing of value to impart to the readership of MRR this month. I am eating green beans and listening to X-Ray Spex. My boss cut my hours in half, which is making my financial future fragile. Other things of note that are withering into nothin’ in my numbskull include… a general excitement about the Olympia hardcore scene after witnessing both Outlook and Weird TV destroy it in the Bay Area this month. I already touched on the majesty of Weird TV on tape (you can read all about that at my online column archive but seeing them live??? Definitely one of the best live bands so far this year, and I wait with bated breath for their record, which will be released on the faultless Perennial records, out of Olympia too. I would advise buying everything Perennial put out. So far, it has all been essential…

what a better way to start the new year than reading a zine, here's a newbie that is recommended by pounx ist hippy blog. recommended january 2011 listening for YOU for TODAY here and here too.

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tons of zines are in the queue, thanks everyone for getting in touch, stay tuned for more anti-journalism and more reports from the real world.

New issue is izzity-out! Featuring THE WELDERS (St Louis teenage girl punk from 1975!) RAI KO RIS from Nepal, ESKAPO in the Philippines, Serbia's HITMAN, Tesco Vee on the Touch & Go fanzine book, DOLLY MIXTURE (!!), Australia's STRAIGHT ARROWS, Celebrated Summer Record store, and Venezuela and Olympia, WA scene reports. Whew!

Here's issues 3 and 4 for the ABC No Era classic Mindset. I love the cover for #3, it said it all in one picture.

Mindset #3

Mindset #4

If there ever was a fanzine that showed what the early ABC No Rio scene was all about, Mindset was it. A grand and ambitious idea from Charles Maggio and Nick Forte (both of the classic band Rorschach), Mindset was to give everybody a voice. Everybody from the current local fanzine editors to the average scene Joe was asked to contribute a page for each issue.

Mindset was a hit with everybody, a great bunch of thoughts and writing was in every issue. Sadly, it only lasted 4 issues (to the best of my knowledge). Thanks to Tom O'Hara for the contribution to the DFPS!

NOTE: Each issue is missing a page from a former 'zine editor who doesn't wish his material up on the site.

Mindset #1

Mindset #2

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