Black Flag


Фотозин из 80х, посвященный старошкольному панку и хардкору. Вышел всего один номер.
Документ эпохи, как пишут в изданиях типа коммерсант или интернет-порталах опенспайс.
Фотографии всех наших любимчиков, еще молодых и незнающих слово "реюнион".

Here's an old fanzine from 1982. It was done in Los Angeles, CA USA. I'm not sure if any additional issues were ever put out. It's a decent fanzine. // Michael E.

2-3 years ago it was rare to find zines on the internet, now they're almost ubiquitous. Here's a zine I saw while abscent mindedly lunchbreak surfing /Slobodan

Spotted at Demo-Tapes blog:
"A zine from 1986 that featured Social Decay. Agnostic Front, N.J. Bloodlust, Straight Ahead, Braineaters, Bloddy Corpse, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Overkill, ect...14 pages of NJHC & NYHC Hardcore/Crossover/Trash..."

Click here (to go to original blog where zine can be downloaded)

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