Safe As Milk #1, 1979

We have never sold outSpending hours on clever artAnd funny advertising quotesThat make you buy it and raise your hopesIt’s the new leather thingSMASH CRASH CRACK RING
Just as the title of Safe As Milk (SAM) was inspired by a Captain Beefheart LP,  that lyric from The Fall was to be adopted as the title of another fanzine; Crash Smash Crack Ring - itself a nice little number - - we’ll see some of that anon on ee.
SAM was a thoroughly decent fanzine from the get go, as can be evidenced from this here issue 1. SAM was a great group effort from Briz, Neal Smith, Neds, Colin Fancy, and Ben, along with contributions from Woodrow, Sam Bigot, and Nick Corker. As noted in this issue, SAM was ‘brought to you via Woolwich Resource Centre’ and ‘Mrs W’s typewriter’. All told, the SAM bunch proved to be an engaging and well informed bunch of correspondents and thus delivered informative and entertaining product. Issue 1 features: articles on Lew Lewis, The Fall, Mod culture, The Skids, The Piranhas; live reviews of Peter and the Testtube Babies / The Numbers, Cash  Puppies / Bad News, Stiff Little Fingers / Essential Logic / Robert Rental and the Normal, The Boys, Alternative TV / The Transmitters / Fashion, The Chords; ‘News from Garageland’  appraises The Red Lights, Morris and the Minors, The Proles, Extros, The Infants, Simon and the Virgins, The Cool Boys, The Chords, These Strange and Beautiful Things, The Monitors, and The Covent Nuns - with name checks for Flavia, The Fagends, Catch 22, Rupert and the Palm Trees, Harry’s Haircut, The Third Sex, The Sleeping Airforce, The Future, and The Musical Chairs. It says 'Buzzcocks' on the cover, but it's merely a mention in the editorial, and by that measure they could also have adverted Throbbing Gristle and Gang of Four. ‘Is it safe’? You betcha!!
A4 Duplex Stapled scanned at 600dpi

Safe As Milk #1