Kristóf Krisztián

Kristóf Krisztián: Field Recordings, Randomroutine, Budapest, 2014


Edition of 20 handnumbered copies. Plágium2000 distribution has 3 copies left for sale and/or exchange. For details write to multiplika2000 – gmail – com.

Kristóf Krisztián sent this bookwork together with his collaboration material for our new assembling publication going to be released this summer. The bookwork was published for the Fanzine Show organized in Higgs Field Budapest.



by Luc Fierens

by Luc Fierens


Anarchy, venom, outrage, fury!  Something of a curio here - it's Paul Sinclair's stand alone, Here's the Sex Pistols. The cover says it all really - it's basically a compilation of press around the Bollocks LP. Mention is made of Swindle and the Pistols' split + some newspaper cuttings and lots of pictures of John Lydon. I suppose it's one for the completist really. Still, worth a minute or 2 of anybody's time - if punk is your bag!
A4 folded scanned at 400 dpi
Here's the Sex Pistols

Luc Fierens

Received this beautiful bookin exchange for Plágium2000‘s Fanzine Show Catalog. The book was published in 2011. The following lines taken from Visualizing Poetics blog describe his collage works.


Luc Fierens ended last year with a short but significant exhibition of his works entitled “Sulla Strada [On the Road]—Luc Fierens” at the U Man /Contemporary /Art /Space /Project in Marano d’Isera, Trento, Italy. This exhibition covered Luc’s career as a visual poet and collagist from 1984 through last year, and the catalog of the exhibition presents these in chronological order, which allows us to see how Luc’s style progress from a fairly rough-hewn one to a style almost as polished as the glossy advertisements that became the main source of fodder for his poems.

Luc fierens

The Fanzine that Kills all Known Germs Dead
Ok, apologies for yet another hiatus - I wanted to leave the Truth of Revolution alert as the top line until the £15k was reached and I'm pleased to announce that the Kickstart was a success. So, cracking on, here is Cram's precursor to Intensive Care, Music Works. It's a lovely scrappy affair largely made up of gig reviews of Crass / Poison Girls / Annie Anxiety / The Epileptics / T42, The Scars / Spizz Energi, Athletico Spizz 80, The Cure, UK Subs and Toyah; vinyl reviews of UK Subs, Toyah, Politicians, Martha & the Muffins, UK Decay, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, The Notsensibles, Dangerous Girls, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Licks, The Slits, The Filmcast, The Pop Group, Discharge, Adam & the Ants, Killing Joke, and the Afflicted; an article on The Undertones; some little snippets from here and there + bits of collage and Cram's charts. All in all it's an enjoyable article all around really. 
A4 scanned at 400 dpiMusicWorks

Plágium2000 participated at the group show organized by young curators and Higgs Field at Budapest Downtown.

The exhibition was ment to be a historical overview of last decades zine scene in Hungary.

Fanzine Show @ Higgs - Budapest 2014

Participants: Kaszás Tamás-gyűjtemény, Artpool-archív, Innen Zines, KARATE ZINE, Plágium 2000, Reflex Zine, Direkt – Bestiarium Hungaricum, Labor Bp Archív, StructZine, Nem mi voltunk! Crew, Pink Reiter, Gondolkodó Antikvárium, Klorofill, Rajzlap, Tokmag Publishing, Fal és Beton fanzine, Indíték Tématéka, Zérro, Anarchista újság, TACS, Genyó Szívó Disztroly, Gép-FRújt, Getto, Barikád, HARD, Életjel, Dark Zala Tálym, Diktatúra, Bruthalia, A buvarok reménykednek, Technologie und das Unheimliche et al.

congratulations you guys, looks like a really nice show and you have a cool site…keep up the good work!
steve perkins

Dear All,
The Fanzine Show continues in a certain way. We are going to document all incoming fanzine/ bookwork material and upload it to this dynamic anthology here on this site – meanwhile we are open for fanzine show and exhibition collaborations to present our archive live. Right now we have couple of fresh booklets from Reed Altemus (USA) and Luc Fierens (Be). Also some materials sent for ReSite assembling publication of David Dellafiora (AUS).  As for our updated postal addresses ask for the actual one at multiplika2000 – gmail.
Meanwhile we participate with Plágium2000 materials at a Fanzine Exhibition in Budapest