PiN #1, 1979

"This is PIN's first English-Language issue...we'd like to get so much reaction we'd break our promise of never down' this fucking backbreaking, typewriterbreaking job of translatin' all over again! !so, very maybe, this isn't a real ONE-OFF."
Luckily enough for non-Dutch speakers, Herman Haagplein (Ed.), Jan Stamhuis, Ruud van Egmond, and Jos did break their promise by going on to produce more English language PiNs. Having 12 Dutch editions under their belts, this first English edition arrives as a marvellously accomplished, Better Badges produced, article - - in my view it's almost always a good thing for a fanzine to have passed through Joly's clutches - chiefly on account of the excellent photo reproduction assured by the BB team - and there are some ace pics in here; I mean have a look at X Ray Spex here......such an animated shot!! - imagine being at the front of that gig with Poly so excitedly mugging ya!!
Anyroad, ropey comments about 'Siouxsie's tits' aside, there's lots to go at in this great fanzine - we get: interviews with Brian James and the Brains, Fatal Microbes / Poison Girls, Swell Maps, Penetration, Gang of Four, Mark Perry; articles about Last Band / Crunchy Frogs, Punk Rock in Holland and Belgium (featuring Ivy Green, Flyin' Spiderz, The Tapes, The Filth, The Bugs, The Helmettes, The Mollesters, Munk the Punk and his Flying Testikels, Average Power, Tedje and the Flikkers, Motorboat, Infexion, Jesus and the Gospel Fuckers, The Nix, The Kids, and The P.I.G.Z.; a PIL family tree; snippets on The Members, Iggy Pop; an update on The Slits, and a very brief fanzine round-up. All told, an entertaining read.

A4 duplex scanned at 600dpi   

PiN #1

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