Punker Nation

Puker Nation zine issues 1-4:
Issue 1 (September 2010) - Lunachicks, 50 Other Ways To Play Century Club, D.I.Y Stencil Time, Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Read online here)

Issue 2 (October 2010) -Semi Precious Weapons, Mofo the Muffin, Crybaby, Top 10 Things That Irk Me. (Read online here).

Issue 3 (November 2010) - The Germs, Troll 2, The In-My-Pants Game, Big Bliss - A Rant. (read it here yeh).

Issue 4 (December 2010) - The New York Issue! The Cramps, Paris Is Burning, I Hate N.Y Shirts, Getting Lost in Soho, Where To Go, Mofo the Muffin. (read as loud as you can here man)

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