Combat Stance

After the publishing of Combat Stance #1, Jon Hiltz decided to do a fanzine on his own. Here is the result...Loaded Questions. The 'zine is totally handwritten with the exception of the Sticks & Stones interview. Jon never finished a second issue and a 'zine classic was born. Thanks to Tom O'Hara for providing this one for scanning...

Loaded Questions #1

First off, thanks for all the attention everybody has given the site this past week. The first two issues of Combat Stance were downloaded at a quick clip, faster than most of the other zines when they were first posted. Like I said, I'll only be able to post on the weekends, so there should be posts for a good long time.

I was right in saying CS was published into 1989. (Memory is starting to come back!). These last two issues caused a big stir. The interviews with Slapshot and Roger of Agnostic Front are really well done. All in all, Phil and Tom put out a winner here and accomplished their goal, calling out the hardcore scene on their shit.

Here's number 3 and 4 of Combat Stance...

Combat Stance 3

Combat Stance 4

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