By Pearl
PO Box 74
Brighton, UK

After reviewing lots of issues of this zine I think I've kind of run out of things to say (also, I just spent over an hour making buttons at my friend's button shop and my brain kind of feels like mush).

This is a list zine, and there are plenty of lists in them! Lists about "things that people are afraid of" ("spiders", "bears", "being shipwrecked"), "types of soup" ("horrible french cheese soup"), and "the versatilities of a DVD" ("spaghetti measurer", "bird scarer"). Plus lots of others!

It's cute and charming, and I always end up smiling whenever I read an issue.

Recently I attended the ALA conference in Chicago and helped run the Zine Pavilion. It was loads of fun!

One of the other things I did was interview some of the zinesters who were at the event. Here's the last of them! It's with Kelly McElroy, Dave Roche, Jami Thompson, and Jaclyn Miller.

By David Libensbadaboumtwist.blogspot.com Sometimes people act in ways that are surprising to me. Now sure, that in and of itself isn't that strange, I mean people shoot other people and eat meat and do lots of stuff I don't really understand, but then there are the less severe things. You're marriage isn't going so well? Why not start a daily diary comic about your life and write it in a language that is not your own (and not the language spoken where you live), and don't tell anyone (including your wife) about it?

Recently I attended the ALA conference in Chicago and helped run the Zine Pavilion. It was loads of fun!

One of the other things I did was interview some of the zinesters who were at the event. Here's the second of them! This one is with John Porcellino who does King-Cat Comics.

Not So BraveThis here edition of Back Issue is almost wholly comprised of interviews: Flux of Pink Indians, Swell Maps, Athletico Spizz 80, TV Personalities, and The Damned. I think you'll agree, those superb encounters were well worth the 25p asking price for this fine fanzine. Anyway, apart from those sweet offerings there's a very brief article on Girls At Our Best and a couple of pages given over to Better Badges - and why not?A4 scanned at 600 dpiBack Issue #3

We Are All DissidentsFollowing such a lengthy hiatus you can expect a rash of posts in the coming weeks - and that's beyond the obituary fest that ee has become in recent months. I'm getting the ball rolling again with another delve into the busy busy world of Callous and Snide as glimpsed through their treasured organ, Grinding Halt.

By Benjamin Juers Indyk
This is a comic about giant monsters fighting each other. It is great. The end.
Okay fine, be that way. I'll actually write some stuff about what's in this comic. Giant Monsters All-Out Destroy All Giant Monsters!!!!!! is a comic about some kids who play with some toys that they pretend are giant, city destroying monsters. There's a vampire turtle rabbit, a winged tiger man, and a giant elephant eagle (all combinations are approximate). They are all totally boss (ie. great). 
They fight, they team up, they cause large scale property damage, they do all the things giant monsters are supposed to do (fly! Breath radiation circles!). Meanwhile the art switches between kids playing with their toys, and what it would look like if their toy monsters really existed. I thought it was a neat way to show what was "really" going on and what was happening in the kids' imagination.
The comic isn't that long, and I kind of wish it had just been all out monster fighting action, but I did enjoy it, and I'd happily read more comics (preferably about giant monsters...) by Indyk.

By Kevin Kilgore
So recently I was waiting for a bus to take me out of America, and I ended up talking to two other guys who were waiting for the same bus (though not out of America). Both, it seemed, were in their early 20s, and in university. One of the things they talked about was going to Las Vegas (and other places) and shooting guns, both were enthusiastic about it, whereas the very idea of this terrified me. I stayed silent during this part of the conversation.
This came back to me while I was reading this comic, as near the beginning (while Kilgore is in bootcamp) there are two quotes that made me kind of weirded out and scared. 
"I read far too many Vietnam books in my youth."
"I wanted to play war too!"
I've read some books about war (though they tend to be about how awful it is), and played many video games where I shoot people, but the idea of "playing" war is terrifying to me. That other people want to do this...well, I guess it makes a lot of sense when we look at the world around us, but it doesn't exactly make me happy.

I'll be tabling (and helping to run a discussion about zine libraries) this weekend (August 10th and 11th) at the Portland Zine Symposium! I can't wait. I'll see you there!

By Marcos Pérezwww.artmarcos.com
So there's lots of things I could write about this comic, and the first is pretty crucial: Despite a recap page I found this comic somewhat hard to follow because it is part 8 of an ongoing story. This is not Pérez's fault. However, there are a lot of characters, and the fact that a flashback starts halfway through the first page doesn't help.
It didn't take me too long to figure out what was going on, but there are a lot of different plot threads moving through this comic, and while I understood most of them with no real problem, others made me wonder more "why is this included?".
Of course, the most important thing about this comic is the following character.

This is Tildy. Can you guess from her outfit and accessories what she does? She's a librarian! Of course! The glasses, the book, the cardigan. I mean, what else can she be?