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Now then, at last here's the much threatened Bradford Mega Post - a partial round-up of fanzines associated with the Wool City - kicking off aptly enough with a huge treat - the full [ahem] run of Wool City Rocker - Bradford's first fanzine! Do not be alarmed by the legend - 'Rock Scene Magazine' - the venerability of WCR will become clear. WCR was an admirable venture espousing and actively facilitating the DIY ethic throughout its 14 issue run (winter '79-summer '81) - collectively an invaluable social document of the period. Nick Toczek and Kay Russell (Ulterior Motives) jointly edited issues 1&2 but thenceforth Nick was at the helm. I'll not attempt to list all Nick's work here - there's shed loads of it - though I will note that his pre-WCR activity included editorship of the poetry journal, The Little Word Machine - he's since gone on to publish a rake of poetry volumes for adults and children - My & My Poems, Hogs 'n' Dogs 'n' Slugs 'n' Bugs, Number Number Cut a Cucumber, and The Wreckage - that scratches the surface - track down his Selfish Men CD for an excellent selection of his poetry. Apart from Ulterior Motives Nick has been involved in many musical projects, both performing and promoting - not least the fabulous Britanarchist LP (new volume due out shortly). Nick remains something of a globetrotting workaholic - travelling far and wide to demonstrate his craft and facilitate workshops in far flung corners of the world. When resident in the City Nick can be heard on his BCB radio show, InTOCZEKated. At any rate, WCR was consistently excellent.

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