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Blanks 77, Buiten Gebruik, Besthöven, Stage Bottles, Pistofficer, For fuck sake, Menace

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Here's a Swedish fanzine called No Acne # 1 from 1983, which like thousands of other fanzines never actually saw the light of day (!!!). There's interviews with Disarm, DTAL, EATER, TA.S.K, Bristles, Moderat Likvidation, Snobbslakt etc.


"Det har kommit ut ett gäng nya Schizo Fanzine sen det senast upplagda på punk is hippies. Ta en titt på Schizo fanzine blogg och gör vad du vill med dom.
Ha det bra
micke schizo"

(Yes, Micke, you're right, we did forget to post you latest issues. Sorry for that, mate.)

Without futher ado, here all ye readers of PUNKSISHIPPIES, are the latest issues of Swedish (but in English language) DIY hardcore & punk e-zine SCHIZO!!!!

ISSUE 5 (2010, print ready)
ISSUE 6 (2010, suitable for printing)

"Sika Äpärä #5" in 2010. Bet you never expected this did you. Unless you read this. And this. Etc.

THE most infamous and best Swedish hardcore fanzine ever oddly returns with a fifth issue that is admittedly the zine's "Grave New World" moment. 90 pages of Hormy Hogs, Stoodes & Deep Torkel, Swedish cult comic writer Joakim Lindengren, Right Brothers, some sleaze rock band called Nasty Idols and all the other well known hardcore punk names as are stated on the cover. In addition you get a couple of boobs, Reagan-punks, conservative-right US politics (the cover says it all really, and yes it's to be taken literally), Swedish tory party literature, some of it crudly slapped together on a computer, some of it pasted up in the style we all adore from issues #1-4.

Best left for the Swedes? Best left alone?

Read at Issuu by clicking anywhere below (if you register you can download the pdf).

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