Sniffin' Glue

I put the magazine together with the same 'back to basics' approach as the music that I was to feature. The main text, if you could call it that, was typed out on an old children's typewriter that my parents had bought for me as a Christmas present when I was about ten. The titles and the limited 'graphics' I scrawled out with a black felt tipped pen. It was raw, to say the least, but it put across the punk message perfectly. It celebrated the DIY ethic but was also representative of the very best that I could do. Even in the first issue I was identifying punk as a scene separate from the rest of rock music, but because of my openness it could include reviews of my old favourites Blue Oyster Cult alongside obvious ravings about The Ramones. Mark Perry, 2000'Correspondents here have noted how prolific some of the fanzine writers were - on the ball and what not - Sniffin' Glue is the classic example - spanning july '76-sept '77 (15 issues, 1-12 [see editorial in this issue for details of the peculiar numbering]) Sniffin' Glue was a monthly record of the emergent scene - Mark Perry & Co's view true, but undoubtedly astute.

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