Hoot Poop

Hot Poop was one of the great 'zines to come out of the early ABC No Rio Scene circa 1989-91. It was published by John Jersey and it lasted 2 issues (like most great 'zines did!). John was one of the original people who help ABC get its start and he really captured alot of the spirit in these pages.

One of my favorite interviews of all time was the Gavin Van Vlack and John Porcell one. I was there for it and John truly did just appear out of nowhere when Gavin was talking about him. It was a surreal moment for sure and made for a great interview. A couple of really good guys.

Please note: The original 'zine was not xeroxed the best, so there are pages where the text was washed out. I did my best to restore it, sadly I can't work miracles...

So here it is a lost classic...Hot Poop!

Hot Poop issue one

Hot Poop issue two

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