Here is Kuumat kyyneleet #3, 1987. The name means 'hot tears'. This is from Äkäslompolo, a village in Lapland.

Content: CMX (Kanniainen), Gig reviews, In the army, Extreme Noise Terror, Irstas, Wiipurin A-levyt, South Africa, Skate 'n' destroy, Speak Sami or die / Intolerance, Anarchy, Conscientious objector on a hunger strike

I only translated Extreme Noise Terror. I'm a bit knackered.


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Hi PunksIsHippies,

I just got an issue of Barrabas from 1984, it looks pretty cool...there's interviews with Appendix, Riistetyt, Vaurio, Destrucktions, Kaaos (with pull out poster!), CRASS and a lot more. I can't read a word of it but I'd be happy to scan it for the blog. It took me a few days to scan 'cause its newspaper size and I'd had to scan the pages twice and stitch them together blah blah blah.

Here's the link!

Take care,

Sample page #1: The amazing and underrated VAURIO!!!!!

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