This is a neat idea, an audio zine distro. Zinesters create audio versions of their zines and upload them.

There only seems to be a couple of things up on the page so far, but maybe it'll grow into something big! The youtube promo below is amusing at least.  

Also, library school takes up a lot of time. Reviews soon hopefully?

Following Bubs' departure Sunday The 7th became largely a sole effort by Martin "Cobby" Cobb, though Bubs does contribute...and Paul does too, er, so that’s clear enough then. Anyroad, there’s no doubting the quality of this 32 page bristling blighter! Featuring: profiles and interviews with Vice Squad, Toxic Power, The End (Matt McLeod, Trev A. Beckett, Ann Dee Martian, Zoff and Gary) + a plug for Sunday The 7th house band, Primal Chaos. Other interviews with: Chelsea’s, Gene October (an interesting comment from Gene on being asked about the frequent line-up changes could have come straight from M.E. Smith’s mouth, uncannily so really); and a decent 2 part interview with UK Subs’, Steve Roberts and Nicky Garratt, the latter proving particularly illuminating. Elsewhere there’s a delve into the Tribal Warfare issue; a rather astute look at TV, the press and advertising in Don't Believe the Media Lies; 6 Minute War warns about cruise missiles, and a review of The War Game in Banned by the BBC.

 101? Now there's a number with which to conjure! Here in UDK #3, Dubliners, Freud Eggs, Mick Kennedy, Mairead Mullins, Pete the Roz and Art O'Leary rustle-up: With the Same Fervour with which We Came We Plough the Earth; Biased Reviews (LPs: Pillows & Prayers Comp, Dambala); a profile of  Max (Marion Woods, Ingmar Klang, Conor Kelly & Johnny Byrne); interviews with Virgin Prunes and Crass (postal jobby with Penny). 12 pages. Job done! 
A4 scanned at 600 dpiUrBAN D.K. #3

I got emailed about this a while ago and it looks kind of neat.

From: http://sentencedzine.wordpress.com/

"The next edition, to be launched April 2013, will feature artists from across Australia, each artist illustrating one of the sentences from the game. While Darwin is the home of the zine, with an exhibition set to be at Darwin Visual Arts Association for 2013, it will also travel to either Sydney or Melbourne for a second exhibition. With each yearly release of the zine, it will travel to different locations in Australia, broadening audiences as well as networking between contemporary art spaces across Australia. The zine is also a platform to represent emerging artists, providing an opportunity to be part of a yearly group show.

To become involved in Sentenced as an artist, art space or interested party, contact Coco and David at sentencedzine@gmail.com."

Not a straight-forward fanzine at all really – more a thoughtzine in which Anna, with recourse to writings from elsewhere, shares with us her inner machinations. Sure, there are interviews with Gloria Mundi and Poison Girls but those are resolutely of the searching variety –there’s barely a whiff of the, “what’s your favourite colour” school of interrogation. As was standard with Poison Girls, Anna’s encounter with Richard and Vi is particularly illuminating – more discussion than interview as we witness the subject and host on an equal footing. Anna’s ruminations on Thinking and Thoughts are ably bolstered by contributions from Di and Abe, along with: poetry from D. H. Lawrence, Jackie, John Betjeman and Wilfred Owen; a short extract on Swearing from George Orwell’s, Down and Out in Paris and London; and a reproduction of the widely distributed CND Leaflet, No More Hiroshimas. I've noted this as issue 1 though I understand it is in fact a one-off. All told, Between the Lines is a real gem.

Here we go, the first for 2013 and it’s “Derby’s first new wave mag”! Worth noting that the Situation Vacant editorial team, Martin Roper, Russell Maw, Dugi Bell et al would go on to form Anti Pasti. In this issue of SV we have: interviews with Sham 69 and The Adverts; Seven Inchers – TRB, The Only Ones, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, The Radiators From Space, Magazine, XTC, Buzzcocks, Penetration; Larger Vinyl – The Only Ones, Buzzcocks; live – The Vibrators, Cherry Vanilla, Anti Nazi Carnival (X Ray Spex, Patrik Fitzgerald, The Clash, Steel Pulse, TRB, 90° Inclusive; Charts + a 1 page ad for The Skids. A4 scanned at 600 dpiSituation Vacant #2 

By me! (And friends)

All year long I've been running board game nights at the Roberts Street Social Centre, Sad Rad, and several of the places I've lived. We had a bunch of people show up and it was really fun (I love playing games!).

As I have now made a tradition, I made a zine (with contributions from some friends) that talked about all the different games that we played this year, had spaces for the stickers that were given out after every game, photographs of some of the games, and had a ranking table that showed where everyone placed (people got points for winning games or showing up).


Recently someone emailed me requesting a copy of the zine I made about cycling from Vancouver, BC, to Portland, Oregon. How exciting! Of course, then I read this zine about a bicycle festival and realized I can't even remember the last time I rode a bicycle. Maybe more than two years ago? Crazy!

This collaborative zine mostly functions as the program for the bike fest in question. There are pages with the schedule of events, text about the event itself, and maps showing where various things take place. However, there are also collages, art, reasons why riding a bicycle is awesome, and other stuff like that.

Bicycles are awesome, bicycles festivals are awesome, and zines are awesome, but I would have gotten more out of this one if I'd actually been able to go to the events it talked about.

By Amber Dearest and Stefanie

At the Roberts Street Social Centre* we run a zine residency every summer. We invite zinesters and artists to come and stay in our shed for two weeks, experience Halifax, and make awesome things. You should apply for next year! One of the residents this summer was Amber Dearest, who completed the first issue of her zine The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes while here.

But back in Montreal, before she came to do her residency, Amber decided to run her own zine residency inspired by ours. It was different as people went to her actual house and slept on the sofa bed in her living room, but it's still awesome to see more of these kind of things being created.

By Jessica Ross and Ben Gallagher

Maps! I love maps! I've made zines with maps in them! I've made zines that are maps! I look at neat pictures of maps online! There have been times when I've ended up hoarding maps to use in art projects. Why do I like them so much? I guess on maps covering large amounts of geography (like this one) I enjoy the potential for travel, while on maps of cities I love being able to see the whole of an urban environment (there's potential for travel there too!). And in both cases there's the combination of the artistic with the functional.

This is a map of the continental USA that fills a sheet of 11 x 17 paper. It shows the route that Jess and Ben took on their journey through America. The opposite side of the paper has some writing about their trip, and several smaller versions of the map that point out the locations of where they ate Mexican food, went swimming, went dancing, bought bread, and interacted with poets. Neat!