Did you know that it's technically illeagle to have sugar, (in the larder?), and weed killer (in the greenhouse/), watch out for the Great Fanny Craddock/Percy Thrower conspiracy trial!!!
Ok, so I've done a bit of feeling about and I have it on good authority, Toxic Graffitti #3 was the first TG - Mike Diboll's earlier effort was titled No Real Reason - I often wondered about that '(inc. N.R.R.)'. N.R.R. ran to 2 editions - TG#3 includes details of Mike's encounter with the police and the seizure of N.R.R.#3. Elsewhere there are nice extended interviews with Crass and Poison Girls - top flight stuff. Also, encounters with The Wall and Pentax. Articles on: the Birmingham Punk Scene (The Prefects, Anti Social, Steel Pulse, Mosiah + more) by Nick Alatti; My (MVD's) Anarchy; Police Harassment; British Fascism (NF)/Institutional Racism, and the Diary of a Nobody (Pope bashing). There's a neat little fanzine round-up, and reviews of 7"s by The Visitors, The Ruts, The Clash, Hollywood Brats, 4 Alternatives EP (Joe Public, The Numbers, X-Certs, 48 Hours), Barry Andrews, Essential Logic, Penetration, and The Smirks. Excellently narky throughout.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi
TG#6Competition Update

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