as requested by the author !

issue 4 with swish 2 colour cover includes CITY INDIANS, RIPCORD, ELECTRO HIPPIES
, articles ,reviews , a report on Stonehenge 1988 and the continuing story of Anarchy Island. i think this was the last issue ?

R.O.T 4

issue 3 includes CULTURE SHOCK, CONCRETE SOX, NOX MORTIS, DEVIATED INSTINCT plus the prologue and chapter one of 'Anarchy Island' !

R.O.T 3

Straight outta Upton on Severn, Worcs so of course Decadence Within are withing, along w Deviated Instinct, The Next World, Ripcord, Snapping Bogseats, Legion of Parasites and Reprisal, plus ads and reviews etc


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