Pere Ubu

early 80's classic from Keighley! - includes Spizzles, Poison Girls, Pere Ubu, a happening letters page, zine and rec reviews and more..
Subvert 3

I'm gonna slap on a Strangled. Partly for the pleasure of seeing it on the blog, but mainly as an excuse to point you here where pdfs of all 9 issues of Strangled volume 1 can be viewed.'Strangled was the work of Tony Moon and Alan Edwards. Moon is credited with production of Sideburns fanzine (4 issues) - notably, the December '76 issue featured the much copied Playing in the band diagram - can anybody pluck that one out of the ether? Wouldn't it be pleasing to see some online Sideburns......? Anyway, Issue 8 of Strangled has Kaine Kinetics; interviews with David Thomas (Pere Ubu), Hugh Cornwell, JJ Burnel, and George Melly + editorial, bits on cannabis legalisation, video revolution, news, and a HC cartoon.'
A3 folded scanned at 400dpi. Strangled #8

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