Apartment 213


in 2009 Ivan, who runs FUCK YOGA RECORDS released a one-sided compilation 12" called FREAK POWER that came with a zine of the same name.
the zine has interviews with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, APARTMENT 213, BURMESE and SETE STAR SEPT plus horror movie talk by Colin M. Tappe (CRIME DESIRE/ LIFE IS A RAPE) and an in-depth analysis of IN A GLASS CAGE. 36 pages, add-free, written in English

click the cover to d/l the zine!

on a side note: as the FREAK POWER comp. 12" plus the zine are still available through FUCK YOGA REC. and/or from one of the other usual suspects I didn't incl. a rip of the 12"!

click here to purchase a copy!

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