1-I am sitting in my room as always a few days late on this whole column writing business, listening to St Vitus having just eaten a bunch of rice and peas. It’s an exciting life I lead in this super city of excitement and superness. Things I have been freaking out about recently: Getting attacked by crazy junkie dude who I stopped from stealing a bunch of Chrome messenger bags from my work... and how every customer since has merged into said crazy junkie dude. Lady with zillion dollar handbag asking me where the books about Bhutan are?

на www.diy-zine.com - полусайте, полутрупе. народилась ещё парочка питательных кусочков, разлагающейся бумаги.

Love is a Kick and a Bullmarket.

1-I made someone tell me who died in Harry Potter even though I have not read any of the books or watched any of the films and have no intention of doing so. It made no sense to me obviously, as I have no idea who any of the characters are and it ended up just annoying me; why did I care about such a piece of meaningless (to me) information?

Second Verse same as the First!

1-Sex Vid!!!!! Holy shit! Is it just me or is most of San Francisco walking round in crummy tie dye Sex Vid shirts?

This column is outrageously late. Ridiculously so. Mostly because I have had one of the most stressful months I can remember, more stressful than when I was looking after my dying grandmother in a dying southern Californian suburb? Perhaps. No definitely not, but still, I have not been able to even decompress enough to read anything more than a magazine let alone write anything entertaining or whatever it is my columns are. Anyways, that is a lame disclaimer but I am writing this under duress...

Well, I just watched for the first time the X movie, The Unheard Music. The girl in the video store told me not to rent it, a long winded nonsensical explanation ensued that made no sense relating to the first five minutes of the movie. The part when a letter from a fan is read out that asserts that the fan is not going to sue X even though they re-wrote/stole her life story via the Los Angeles LP, because that record is so good she doesn't mind. Hmmm. Maybe the video girl though it was a lame affected set up? Not a real letter? I did not think it detracted from the movie at all, in fact I think it kind of added to the world of X, the symbols and codes of Exene's girl-ness smashed up against the anti hero masculinities of the dudes in that band. (More of that later) In fact I'm very glad I took the time out to watch said movie, it made me think a lot about myths and how bands create worlds that you can 'see' when you are listening to their records or even just thinking about them whilst going about yr business. I read that Exene's sister basically invented/inspired Madonna's style of the early 80s, which resonated with so many girls at that time... and watching the Unheard Music it was very clear to me the powerful effect Exene herself has had on rebel girl style and image. Courtney Love seems to me to be a bad xerox of a bad xerox of Exene's iconoclastic genius; the religious iconography, the beauty advertisements of the 1920s through 60s, silent movies, bad girls...


I am FULLY PUMPED ON THINGS RIGHT NOW! really psyched! who knows why; having spent an age in hibernation... (which includes walking out to the beach by myself two or three times a week, thru the park or the sunset district listening to chris bell solo/die kreutzen) and suddenly, things turn into the last song on the VOID side of the VOID faith split. EXPLODE!!!!


Apparently my usually incisive song ruining skills are in need of repair, because Golnar went to, and enjoyed a New Model Army show. New Model Army were my friend Katie’s Goth brother’s favorite band. He had a Celtic mural painted on his wall, played role playing games in a fake cave in South London in which he wore plastic chain mail and probably wielded a plastic sword against fake, maybe also plastic, goblins and gnomes or whatever people fight in such games. I would put New Model Army in the flesh creeping heeby jeeby GOTH CRUSTY genre.


I didn’t go see American Hardcore with the ladeez because I have been on a all company is bad company kick recently. I read the book when it came out, which ultimately was a waste of time, but I kind of wanted to see the movie anyway. Just for the live footage, you know being a girl that’s unable to pass up an opportunity to see punks on the big screen etc. Apparently it was pretty much a shitty version of one of those VH1 “I love the 90s!” talking heads shows, where washed up dudes talk about the crucialness of their pasts as their teeth and brains rot around them.