By Kieron Cropper and Jaime Huxtable

Hey, did you know I love monsters? It's true! I do! One of my favourite zines is Monstress, and the first issue of that I ever read was about giant kaiju monsters. Hell, I even wrote part of a fake journalistic article about a fictional Godzilla/Very Hungry Caterpillar crossover film for a zine. I keep wanting to rent the Godzilla and Gamera films I see in the library, but strongly suspect my partner would hate them.

This particular zine was actually an envelope filled with multiple things. There was the comic itself, but also several sheets of origami paper, and a number of sheets of card that included city-scapes.

Beneath the awesome collaged cover there are a few pages of comics featuring Godzilla emerging from the water by a beach in...Brighton? I'm saying Brighton because that's where I got this zine, but I'm really not sure.

Then there are instructions on how to make your own origami Godzilla! Awesome! I'm not the best at origami, but I think it's pretty neat, especially when it's for things like dinosaurs and monsters.

Once you've done that, you can cut out the cities, and reenact your favourite giant monster scenes! Hurray!