Ratcharge #19 (France, 2009 or was it 2008?)

PunksIsHippies is very proud to present one of the best and most reverned contemporary hardcore punk fanzines, namely RATCHARGE.

Editor Alex posted this on his fancy new-technology website and had this to say for himself:

I've decided to give Issuu a try - it's a tool that allows to upload zines/ magazines to be read online. Readers of the Punks Is Hippies blog, for example, are most likely really familiar with it by now, but for me it feels like this crazy brand new technology. Anyway here's issue 19, the split with Distort, minus the Distort part that I couldn't be fucked uploading right now. That's the only issue I had scans available for so don't expect the other ones to pop up anytime soon, as I prefer to focus my energy on the future rather than the past. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE (registered users -which is free- may download pdf from there)

Open publication - Free publishing

I (Slobodan) have this laying around somewhere among the other 100+ zines I have promised to scan for PunksIsHippies but to be honest I can't be arsed just now to add the flip zine Distort...which looks like the below...