Quality Control #1 and #2 (UK, late 2000s?)

Quality Control No. 1 - Nationalism and Sound
Featuring: 10 UK Hardcore Punk Records You Should Know, Light in the Darkness by Citizens Arrest Song Rumination, Grass Roots vs Globalised hardcore punk discussion. Interviews with Invasion (Spain), The Sceptres (UK), Out Come the Wolves (Spain), Thee Vicars (UK), Jack from Frightener, Max 625, Adam Malik (Pain Runs Deep). Cover art by Tommyrot.

Quality Control No. 2 - Individuality
Featuring: Moving Targets (80s Boston Post-punk), Cold World (90s Vienna powerviolence), Nowhere Fast (00s Liverpool BMX Bandits), Boston Scene Report by Liz Libyans, various rants/articles including one on the state of the EDGE featuring various international contributors, and another about the Impossible Individual. Cover art by Glenn Smith.

All the above comes from the fanzine's website.