notes from a lousy pen pal

Sometimes when things are happening that are not good you just sort of let them happen. Watching things unfold around you as a result of certain actions you may have enacted but really in the end, doing nothing to alter said set of actions. When you are aware if you say a certain set of words a certain response will occur, but the words roll off of your tongue anyway regardless of cause and effect. There’s a feeling of watching things happen around you, a certain stillness while things collapse, (‘I’m stuck in this uh movie...but it doesn’t move me....) but maybe. Not always dramatics, knowing you are going to be half an hour later than you said but not doing anything to change the course of events. Always too late or too early: it’s the worst.
Things I think about too much and thus talk about too much:
I need to get my stupid ‘meaningful’ teenage sxe tattoo covered
I have no ambition
Why did someone take my Dicks Kill from the Heart LP and Faith Subject to Change on blue? Who is it that went to my mum’s house in the years since I have been living here even knows who those bands are?
I am bored but do not want to do anything to change this.
Plus many other more profound and meaningful things like: ebay, dudes, records, food.
There’s gonna be a new babe den at MRR. Will it be scott’s room? Or bloody’s room? Or hubb’s new bachelor pad? Is hubbs really moving back to NY soon? Is punk rock just the fetishization of ephemera? Why am I unable to write anything except the night before it’s due? Why are people only seen as doing something with their lives if they are talking about going to grad school or actually goin to grad school? What is the point of doing something with your life? Can you tell the differnce between Pissed Jeans, Clockcleaner and Snake Apartment? What about Rabies and WarKrime? What about that picture of Keith Morris and his mom? CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE! What about dudes in bands that play art gallery openings sponsored by PBR and apparently traverse the country by limo, behind Sex Vid’s van, whilst silkscreening merch bandanas? Whilst signing to subsids of Major labels and yet still wanting to be on the cover of MRR. Why are all the manilla envelope emo records in the 50c bin at Amoeba? Except the ones I sold and now want back of course. Why did all the modern bands that submitted fliers for the second book by the Fucked Up and Photocopied dude only submit fliers with their own bands advertised? I mean are Das Oath and Charles Bronson really in the same league as The Controllers and Scratch Acid? Or the Germs and The Brat? Oh bitch please! Why do dudes that are ‘over’ punk still want Sex Vid to play their gallery show? If Hubbs moves to NY will he stop being into punk and instead hang out with Golnar listening to Bulgarian Field Recordings? What’s up with riot dudes? When will it end! Why doesn’t anyone like Shattered Faith? I do! Working Men Are Pissed! Notes and Chords Mean Nothing TO ME! Neither of which has anything to do with Shattered Faith, but you know: join the dots.
What would you do if you slowly replaced all your band mates with random hair metal dudes and then one day your old band was only the replacement hair metal dudes, and not you. Your band name was no longer applicable to anything you were doing musically, invasion of the body snatchers style, so you had to call it LOST. BACKWARDS. Why did Corin from Sleater Kinney do backing vocals for Eddie Vedder’s solo project soundtrack for the new Sean Penn movie? Maybe it’s a riot dude thing. Why is screamo such a horrible sounding genre, both in actual sound, and in genre title? Why do dudes who partook in the emo but are now over it make bad tofu jokes to demonstrate said overness? I mean is anyone even vegetarian anyore? I know people gave up on the whole ending racism thing after it didn’t happen in time for the Endpoint/Falling Forward tour. I guess vegetarianism got taken back by the hippies. Only weedy Arcade Fire fans are vegans now, all the hardcore kids need meat to feed their moshtard antics. The endless reprinted PETA fliers in early sxe zines just cancelled each other our until Floorpunch reunited and people remembered hardcore was just about the brotherhood of man; aggro dance moves and ‘no homo’ jokes.

1-Needles (Ex Crudos, Talk is Poison, California Love...) My new favorite local band? Martin is one of the best front humans ever, the rythmn section of Talk is Poison is legendary and unimpeachable and I am nominating this band for ‘Layla’s new end of year incessant hype band.’ (On a similar note: I also am self-imposing a ban on the words “mika miko’ and ‘finally punk’ until year end top tens. AT LEAST. So look forward to lots of candid infotainment about NEEDLES bc they are my new jam.) The 7” will be available via Martin/Brian at some point. ALSO in that they played the same show; OUTRAGED, I have the back cover of MRR with the Outraged crowd shot from their interview issue on my door. It is easily in my Heartattack style non-linear pictorial and food based year end top ten already. So inspiring that band is, bringing raging hardcore to fuckin Watsonville CA. 2-There’s going to be a new Acid Reflux 7” by years end. 3-Scott Moore is moving to the Bay Area.4-The song Bad Attitude by Articles of Faith. Really though. Like all the time. 5-Red Monkey, like it better now than I did then. Perfect mix of Gang of Four/Circus Lupus/Huggy Bear, maybe a little too anarcho-CRASS and heavy on the punk funk, which in the light of that tired ass nu- millenial revival is hard to take. But Red Monkey was pre all of that boredom.. I like listening to their music. Oh gee. 6-The fact that after hearing a song we played on the radio in SF, Golnar, in NY, won an obscure all girl 80s Dutch punk comp on the ebay and is now forming a band inspired by sounds of said comp. 7-Tobi Celeste- Broken Stones 8-Los Saicos-Demolicion 9-Terraplanes-Shop Talk 10-nothing nothing nothing. Bored bored bored sorry about this! Really though I am. you can write me: I do read it all I just don’t write back and I have no idea why. Maybe I am just a lousy pen pal. Off the pigs.

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