New York City 1980s Hardcore Zines Bonanza!!! (USA, 1980s)

Here's a barrage of NYC punk & HC zines! Awesome! Yes!!! Very!!

Bone Hunter issue 5 (September 1982)

Flesh and Bones 2 New York Hardcore Zine
Cover was signed by Henry Rollins (Black Flag) in 2010

Guillotine issue 1
Guillotine issue 2
Guillotine issue 4
Guillotine issue 5

DESTROY LA Magazine issue 2

Mouth of the Rat issue 10
Mouth of the Rat was a punk zine that started out in Boca Raton FL by Dave Parsons and then when he moved to New York city - it became more of a NYHC zine.
For more on Parsons click here.

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