MOCO ano 2 no 5 (Argentina, 198?)

Well friend,I make one promise about send old punkzines from argentine¿remember?
well here send the first (after send my new number of dekadencia humana) the first of the old zines...


Well,well,well,here the punkzine MOCO from Mar Del Pata City,this is was one old zine and very active in the punk escene,you editor CHARY was part of the punk band in the 80 of name SUBMISION and in the end of the 80 other great band punk but more anarchist of name TODOS CONTRA TODOS (all against all) with band have one cooperative punk of name IOKA,today he is singer of LOQUERO well,this band in the begining was very good and work in toomuch solidarity gigs,the time past and today make POP PUNK but in the past time this punkzine was one strong reference of our punk escene,this is ONE jewel!!!



Coming up next: More Argentinan zines - more issues of MOCO and another old zine called LA FURIA as well as more issues of DEKADENCIA HUMANA.