Jamming #9, 1979

I remember my mum said to me, 'you fucking bastard', I thought it was incredible. How many mothers call you that?


Jamming editor Tony Fletcher reckons #9 was probably the "best issue ever...in terms of pure fanzine energy and confidence". It's difficult to quarrel with his assessment - but then, every issue of Jamming brimmed with 'energy and confidence'. To be fair, Jamming did lose appeal for me from issue 13 onwards, though I still bought it. #9 is rammed with: interviews - The Jam (The Ultimate Interview + 1 page Setting Sons review), Rudi, The Fall + Dragnet review and 1 page ad, The Pack, The Selecter; local scene report from Sheffield featuring Cabaret Voltaire, They Must Be Russians, Artery, The Stunt Kites, The Negatives, TV Product, NMX fanzine, Marcus Featherby; Ack Ack feature; The New Jersey Scene with The Feelies, Blackfoot, The Royals, Some Guise, WKGB, Paper Men, TV Toy; letters from, amongst others, Mick Mercer and Nikki Sudden; 7"s - Spizz Energi, Glaxo Babies, The Monochrome Set, The Chords, The Atoms, The Fakes, Swell Maps, Materialschlaft, Inner City Unit, The Feelies, The Barracudas, The Door & Window EP2; LPs - PIL (Extra Issue bootleg), Cabaret Voltaire, Avon Calling comp, Essential Logic, The Clash (Sort it Out bootleg); live - SLF/The Donkeys, Speedball/The Vandels/Second Nature/Smeggy & The Cheesy Bits, The Fall/Scritti Politti/Methodisch Tunes/The Music Club; 'And the Radio is in the Hands' featuring a visit to Bradford's Pennine Radio; TF on Tribalism; Fanzine round-up and Jamming Charts. Top quality product!

A4 scanned at 600 dpi

Jamming #9