Intensive Care #2, 1981

IC: Do you regret that interview in Back Issue
COLIN: Yeah it was absolutely shit I'M not blaming the people who did it, the interview was 8 months old & things change so much in 8 months & some of the things I said were completely untrue & I have done the interview again with proper true answer. We patched it up with Crass but they were a bit upset about it & so was i.Colin Latter, 1981
Hahaa, Colsk 'the backpeddling' Latter. Still, I'm pleased they 'patched it up' - Flux & Crass embarked upon a seminal collaboration - delivering a staggering salvo in Neu Smell and Strive to Survive. IC#2 features a great 5 page interview with UK Decay + a 4+ page encounter with the Milkmen. There's the Crass riposte to 6MW + decent pieces on Girls At Our Best and Charge. 7"S - 6MW, The Cravats, Dead Kennedys, Methodishca Tune, Girls At Our Best, Wah Heat, Demon, Grace, Discharge; News on Crass, Another Pretty Face, Poison Girls, Delta 5, The Fall, 4AD, Fresh Records, Clay Records (3 quarter page) + a piece in opposition to British membership of NATO. Excellent stuff throughout.'The Nicky & The Dots comp is on hold - next up as kind of punctuation mark I'll be giving away a Sniffin' Glue. Just thought I'd prepare you for having your head done in by another fiendish challenge.'
A4 scanned at 400 dpi
Intensive Care #2