Counter Attack #3 (USA, 1983); Alternative #4 (December 1981, USA); Final Solution #8 (October 1980, USA)

I found your blog recently and think it's great. I have a few zines on my blog, Noise Addiction, but the blog was recently removed for spamming and I am waiting for a review for it to be restored. I thought maybe you might want to post these on your blog so they are available to those who are interested. Two of these are scanned in jpeg, though, because I never got around to making pdf before I wanted to up them.

Counter Attack - issue 3 (1983)

Alternative - Issue 4 (December 1981)

Final Solution - Issue 8 (October 1980)

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P.S. You have the first issue of Los Angeles fanzine Outcry on your blog but said you didn't know if there were ever any other issues. I had another issue with Henry Rollins on the cover. I sold it on Ebay a few years ago but still have a photo of the cover. I've attached it for your viewing pleasure.