Anti-Climax #5, 1980

AC: Hi JimmyJim: HelloAC: Eh!.Jim: What do you mean, eh?'Jimmy Pursestrings', 1980

Issue #5 of Phil and Nidge's Anti-Climax.

Reviews: live - The Adicts/Disco Zombie/Mysterons; LPs - The Damned, Crass, Cherry Red Comp (Rudi, Girlschool, Those Naughty Lumps, Crisis, The Shapes, Newtown Neurotics, AK Process, Second Layer, Glaxo Babies, Llygod Ffyrning, Poison Girls, Piranhas, Spizz Oil, I Jog And The Tracksuits); 7"s - Pulp, 999, Epileptics, Swell Maps, Angelic Upstarts, The Stiffs, Cockney Rejects + letters/charts.

Single & Double sided A4 scanned at 400dpi

Anti-Climax #5


Ok, so I have a spare copy of this fanzine - if you'd like it, have a scan around this post for the hidden mediafire link - first person to make a comment using the password gets the fanzine.

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Hidden link revealed - to the left of the 2nd Jim.