Anathema #2, 1982

Larry Grayson really loves you all, 'yeah Larry really loves you...
More cogitations from Lee on topics often derisively dismissed as 'the usual issues' (generally by types who talk of the right wing this, and left wing that - blind proponents of what has become little more than an act of mass mesmerism - an illusion of choice pitting people one against the other, divided and ruled - whilst dark market forces, whom all ultimately serve, grin with greedy glee...), at any rate, those 'usual issues' are still relevant today and the more that air them the better. 'Anathema #2 features an interview with Andy T, poetry, collage, fanzine round-up, The Mob lyrics + pieces on factory fodder, wonky civilisation, old age, gender conditioning, personal revolution, the Falklands war, machismo, insincere celebrity + contributions from Mandi, Paul A, Gerrard (Anabolic Steroids). Very feint in parts - 2 pages inverted in original corrected for ease of reading.'A4 scanned at 400 dpi
Anathema #2