Allied Propaganda #5, 1981

I think the world is totally fucked up at the moment because there's a distribution problem. There's too much wealth and too much power placed in one solitary areaPaul Weller
Well no change in that respect then, excepting the divide between the haves and have nots has grown starker - I see no reason to anticipate any change in 2012 - cheery sod aren't I...Anyway, here's a prompt start to the new year with issue 5 of Mick and Ray's excellent Allied Propaganda. Great interviews with The Comsat Angels, The Jam (P. Weller), Modern English, The Cravats, Au Pairs, and Parting Shots; vinyl reviews of Killing Joke, Ski Patrol, The Damned, PIL, The Fall, The Clash, Orange Juice, Delta 5, Blue Orchids, They Must Be Russians, and Josef K; live reviews of The Comsat Angels, Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls, and Patrik Fitzgerald; news on Killling Joke, The Cravats, Young Marble Giants, and The Raincoats; a decent fanzine round-up; letters; charts + Mick and Ray's playlists. Elsewhere we have Mick on crowd control / nerve gas - quite pertinent today really given the government's green light for the police to use tougher measures in the wake of the recent UK riots - yes, including live rounds - - a word or 2 on fanzine writers turning freelance for more faceless publications and Ray has a quick look at racism on the terraces, and some helpful hints about getting gigs and finding booking agents. A true smasher of a fanzine.
Happy New YearTo all ee readers and followers. I'm looking to get a bit smarter in 2012 with more regular posting. Before this month is out I will deliver the poetry special I've had planned for yonks. There'll be a rake of fun competitions and some other nifty treats I have up me sleeve.
May the light of a thousand suns cobble your path through 2012
Allied Propaganda #5