Adventures In Reality #G, 1981

Stylishly staying Coventry-side here with Alan Rider's excellent, Adventures in Reality. Get the low-down on all things AinR from Alan himself in this great Zine Weekly interview. To ogle the full run of AinR covers, and those of Alan's, Not the Jobhunter, check out part 2 of  the ZW feature. Well worth noting is Alan's working towards charting Coventry's punk fanzine output in a, hopefully, soon to be published book. Apparently Alan has catalogued 50 or so fanzines! Consider that lot alongside recent ee posts such as Smart Verbal, Alternative Sounds, and this here AinR and you've just gotta marvel at how richly Midland UK was zine-served. Good Work! Contributors to #G included Andy C., Steve Teers, Nick Edginton, Hugh Tobin, 'Pamala', Lynne Wallace and Benjamin Allen. Rammed with: Crass, Poison Girls, Anne Anxiety, and Flux of Pink Indians at Digbeth Civic Hall (April 22), Eyeless in Gaza, Human Cabbages, and 3 Way Dance at the General Wolfe (May 7), Modern Zoo/Famous Five/Speech Majors; a report on the closure of Cov' Tiffanys  featuring an alternative venue checklist (The Launch, Coventry Theatre, Gen' Wolfe, Belgrade); Component Erotic with contributions from Simon and Christie; interview with Attrition, including of course Martin Bowes of Alternative Sounds fame; the AinR Coventry Family Tree part 1 covering Night Train, Chapter Five, Ray King Band, Squad, Urge, Berlin, DGB, Urban Blight, Transposed Men, Swinging Cats, Tearjerkers, Aching Tongue, Solid Action, Outlook, Fallen Heroes, Editors, Team, X-Certs, Gods Toys, Aorta Major, End, Mix, and L'Homme de Terre; vinyl reviews for The Misunderstood, Au Pairs, Killing Joke, Blue Orchids, Pressure Stops, and Pre-Set; Poetry from Andy C.; helpful hints on doing a zine, and Alan essays Urban Life. Topper!  
42cm x 30cm wrapper & 40cm x 30cm folded + inserts scanned at 600 dpi
Adventures in Reality #G